To ensure you get the best deals to your satisfaction, shopmore connects you directly to local retailers and wholesalers. You shop the way would normally do in face to face transactions but this time, in the comfort of your home.
Note that some of the prices displayed on Shopmore are guide prices. You are at liberty to request for better deals using the OFFER feature in the main menu. If your offer is accepted, you shall receive a quote which you will find inside the QUOTES in the main menu from the seller. You can decline or accept the quote and proceed to activate a trade assurance.
Selling on shopmore is absolutely free. In any case, there shall be a fixed payment processing fee on all withdrawals from the shopmoreapp.
Shopmore payment system is designed to ensure that all parties are safe and happy at the end of every transaction. Money only truly changes hands when a transaction is completed and confirmed. When a shopper places an order, the order amount remains in the shopper’s account but becomes non-withdrawal until order is either cancelled by shopper before dispatch or order is declined by the seller. Shopper’s account is only debited and seller credited when shopper confirms delivery on his or her app. Shopper is refunded if delivery is rejected but forfeits delivery fee. So it is recommended that both sellers and shoppers transact using the trade assurance to ensure safety on both sides.
Shopmore shall periodically rewards shoppers with cash bonuses on their shopping budgets.
Convert your network to your net worth. Invite your friends to download the shopmore app and sign-up with your unique referral code and earn commissions directly from sellers every time your friends shop. The more your friends shop, the more you earn. This could be a lifetime source of income for you.
There may be minimum withdrawal limit for shoppers, delivery agents and sellers. There is also no time restriction for withdrawals. Withdrawals can be made as soon transactions in question are completed and confirmed. There shall also be a 2% payment processing fee on all withdrawals from shopmoreapp.
The seller is solely responsible to deliver orders to customers. In any case, shopmore provides them with a pool of verified delivery agents from which they could use to sort out their delivery needs. Otherwise, they can sign-up their own delivery team using the shopmore delivery app.
You can transfer and receive money via your shopmore wallet. Ensure you keep your login details private as shopmore will not be responsible for damages that may arise as a result of your negligence.
Shoppers have two delivery options for local orders. They are made to choose between priority delivery and normal delivery . PRIORITY delivery guarantees immediate order processing, dispatch and delivery to shopper within 60 to 75 minutes, depending on customer location. Normal delivery option guarantees 24 to 48 hours delivery. All national deliveries are completed between 3 to 5 days.