Shop local for the best deals and at your convenience! Join us in building the fastest growing local shopping platform. Build a stronger local economy and support independent merchants by shopping local with shopmore app.
  • Download the customer app from google play store or iOS store.
  • Sign up with your email, google plus or facebook.
  • Add withdrawal details for both main wallet and bonus account
  • Choose store and select products or use SEND OFFERS button in main menu to request fresh quote.
  • Accept QUOTE or proceed with order, checkout and schedule pickup up or delivery.
  • Initiate trade assurance for your order.
  • Cancel order before dispatch or track your delivery as scheduled.
  • Confirm payment on delivery or Return at delivery point and request trade assurance cancellation.
  • Rate seller.
  • Refer your friends using the "REFERA FRIEND" button under the main menu, to earn a commission every time they shop,


Take your shop beyond your area by creating a shopmoreapp store. Own a hassle-free hosted shopmore store online, designed to Showcase your local shop and its product library, however big or small. With 100's of shop owners nationwide, you will become part of a growing brand with a huge customer base and we will help and support you every step of the way. You only pay processing fee on every revenue withdrawal.
  • Download the SELLER app to sign up.
  • Receive ACTIVATION message via your registered e-mail address.
  • Login with your registered e-mail and password.
  • Top on "MANAGE STORE" under the main menu to manage inventory.
  • Enter your login details again on the web page to access your web account.
  • Under "STORE INFO" ensure to set your real opening hours.
  • Under "DELIVERY SETTING" choose "NORMAL" under "LOCAL DELIVERY SETTING" to add different areas. choose "ALL" to add a uniform fee for all the areas in the city. Click on "ADD" to add to cities for national delivery or new areas for local delivery
  • To upload your products, go to "MANAGE ITEMS"
  • Click on "ADD NEW" to add new product
  • For products with multiple sizes, color, features or designs, click on "MULTIPLE" under "PRICE OPTION" and click on "ADD PRICE" to add the different sizes, colors, featuresor designs, one after the other.
  • Ensure to upload your product images and then click on the RED STAR button at the right end of each uploaded product to active product in store.
  • Ensure order availability before accepting orders.
  • Click on "ACCEPT" or "DECLINE" in store app when recive order notification alert.
  • For local orders, click on "ASSIGN" to see available verified drivers. you can call the drivers to make proper arrangement before assigning to any of them.
  • Where there is no available driver, download the SHOPMORE DRIVER app to register your own driver. Contact admin for immediate verification and activation.
  • Receive notification when order is delivered and payment confirmed.
  • For ACCEPTED National orders, you can request customer to confirm payment before or after delivery. Where the agreement is confirmation on delivery, retain shipping document for verification by admin, in the event the customer does not confirm payment on delivery.
  • To manage quote request when you receive an “OFFER” notification, click on "OFFERS" to view offers. Click on each offer to accept and create an invoice. Click on the + button to add new products. Click on “SEND” to submit quote.
  • Go to "WITHRAW" under app main menu to withdraw confirmed payments. Note that payment processing fee stipulated in the terms of use, is charged on every withdrawal/


Partner with shopmoreapp to become a delivery agent today and turn your free time into money by delivering store orders for Busy families, as well as parcels for local businesses in your area. As a shopmore agent, you get to meet new people and make Their day by safely bringing their orders to their homes and offices on time, every time. Your neighbors will identify you as your Area’s most trusted delivery agent. You only pay 5% as processing fee on every revenue withdrawal.
  • Download the SHOPMORE DRIVER app to sign up.
  • You can partner with any SHOPMORE seller in your area to be their sole delivery agent.
  • Accept or decline orders as they come in.
  • Complete delivery and returns in some cases to receive delivery fees via your app.
  • Ensure and insist shopper confirms your delivery on his or her app after inspecting your delivery, before handing over the order.
  • You will "ORDER EARNED" notification when customer confirms payment.
  • Go to "WITHDRAW" under main menu to withdraw your earnings. Processing fee will be charged on all withdrawals