Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What is SHOPMOREAPP?
    Shopmoreapp is a mobile application where you can shop conveniently, get the best deals and still get your cash back on every transaction. We encourage you to shop from your local stores and then ensure timely delivery to you.
  • 2. What stores are supported?
    We support a select number of stores who are willing to give our shoppers good deals in your city. We are constantly adding new stores from your area, empowering you to shop From those stores.
  • 3. How fast do you deliver?
    Seller is under obligation to deliver as soon as possible based on the availability of store in your proximity or as scheduled by you for local Deliveries and 5 days for nationwide deliveries .
  • 4. How much does delivery cost?
    Delivery cost varies based on your city and area. The traffic nature of your area determines what you pay for delivery. Some shop also offer free delivery.
  • 5. Are there price differences from the stores?
    There are no price differences from the stores because you deal directly with sellers. Some stores may add a little service charge.
  • 6. Can you assure the safety of the shopper’s money?
    Of course! It is in the shopper’s hands to confirm delivery before the seller is credited. Ensure you confirm the quality of the products on delivery and return to agent if not satisfied.
  • 7. Can I shop from across my city?
    Yes you can.