About Us
Shopmore is a mobile application designed to encourage the patronage of local businesses by rewarding shoppers with more money to shop more from their local stores. Observation has shown that retail is gradually moving online as more shoppers seek more convenient ways to do their shopping. As a result of this, local businesses are loosing out as more shoppers in cities prefer to either walk into high street supermarkets because of their locations or shop online for their needs. Due to the consumers’ increasing quest for convenience shopping, shopmore mobile application was designed to ensure local businesses don’t suffer as business technologies evolve, providing technical support, a convenient and secured e-trading environment while affording consumers the variety of shopping conveniently and safely from all levels of local businesses within their environment, without leaving the comfort of their homes.
The ecommerce community in Nigeria as presently constituted is arguably not favourable to the finances of the middle class and almost totally cuts out the lower class. The product prices are completely outrageous as some products are sold with a margin as high as 40% from what is obtainable in the local markets. The existing ecommerce companies that we have in Nigeria can't completely be accused of being greedy for the high commissions they charge their sellers, because they spend a lot of money on advertising and have to make up for such cost one way or the other.
In trying to address this problem amongst other issues that has invariably stagnated the growth of ecommerce culture in Nigeria, shopmore was designed as a four-way market place that aims to eliminate the overheads incurred by ecommerce companies and the big supermarkets, which result to the door value of their products becoming too expensive. This market place consists of the local stores who sell directly to the consumers without the burden of outrageous commissions, the shoppers who get rewarded with cash bonuses to patronize the local traders, the referrers who act as the freelance marketers for commissions on everything and every time their referrals shop and finally the freelance and partner dispatch executives, who ensure orders meant for home deliveries are delivered safely and timely. So instead of paying outrageous commissions to ecommerce companies or big supermarkets to sell or display on their platforms, local stores in this case give up a small percentage of such commissions. A part of that small percentage is credited to shoppers as cash bonuses on their shopping budgets, to encourage their patronage and some as commissions to referrers, as reward for inviting people to patronize the local businesses. This ensures that products get to the consumers at the real market value, thereby saving money, time and stress for the shoppers and directly creating support for a thriving local economy.
It is also a no brainer that the Nigerian online business community as it is currently, is unsafe and devoid of trust. For this reason shopmore was designed in such a way that transactions can only be conducted with trade assurances via the shopmore mobile wallet. Trade assurance is basically a cash-backed mobile cheque that the seller receives upfront for every order. The trade assurance assures the seller that his money is there to be redeemed automatically once the shopper receives and confirms delivery via his or her shopmore app. This ensures that the shoppers are in control of their money till the end of their transactions and the sellers are spared the misery of dealing with unserious buyers that accompany the unreliable "pay on delivery" system currently adopted to make up for the online payment trust issues. Therefore sellers are compelled to satisfy the customers' demands as they would do in face to face transactions. Once the shopper confirms satisfaction by confirming the trade assurance, the seller's wallet is automatically credited and money can be moved to bank account immediately.